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      In the modern world where almost monthly can rise the price of energy, majority of car owners are forced to consider liters and kilometers.  Unfortunately, high prices on gasoline sometimes limit freedom of travelling.  Therefore automobile gas equipment is now like a magic wand which allows a driver to choose a fuel type. 

     Gas or gasoline?  You deside directly in salon of the car, switching to the fuel system necessary at the moment.

     It increases non-failure operation of the car and reduces risk to zero "to get stucked" on the road because of breakdown in a power supply system. Besides, you will be able to go having filled in a complete gasoline tank and a gas tank (by the way, the autogastanks have reservoir not smaller than by petrol tanks). So, trips on a long distance won't be a problem for the car owners who have installed automobile gas cylinder equipment.

     Autotomobile gas is capable to replace not only habitual petrol system, but also … an anti-theft one. If on an injector car with gas equipment we disconnect easily removable commutator, so the giving of both fuel types will be blocked.

     The minimum amortization is one more advantage of gas equipment., because all rubber products (in case of proper car handling) will need to be changed from a car only in the following five-years period! Gas doesn't contain any impurity, able to destroy details of fuel system. Besides all, automobile gas equipment will allow to have by your car anti-detonation firmness.

     Octane gas number (103-105) minimizes detonation. It is appreciated especially by owners of cars consuming expensive high-octane gasoline. Gas equipment for cars equipped with fuel injection and catalytic converter, will longer allow them to serve owners in difficult environmental conditions.